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Acquisitions – Multi-family and commercial

We place great emphasis on the value of time and money as it pertains to your real estate financial plan.


We have collaborated with our clients to help build real estate wealth since 1989. The financial strength of our company comes from a philosophy that the investor must demonstrate character, collateral and credit worthiness; and in return we will always provide firm lending commitments in a timely manner and be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

We differentiate ourselves by offering a greater range of products and a global perspective with regards to Underwriting. We understand that in every economic cycle there is great opportunity in apartment, multi-family and commercial mixed use acquisitions, and it is the lender job to commit early on to a viable financing option and then deliver within the time constraints proposed.

We provide financing to investors while being mindful of strategies that work. The following is a list of phases to and scenarios to which we can provide financing:

  • Acquire income producing assets in target markets at strategic valuations;
  • Acquire commercial assets with repositioning potential (construction financing);
  • Acquire strategic loan portfolios;
  • Develop commercial properties located within growth oriented infill markets.

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