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Two people packing for their out-of-state move

What Is the Cheapest Way to Move Out of State?

If you want to save money when taking a journey to a new area, you’re in luck! Moving out of state is expensive, but you can make decisions that will help make it much more affordable.

So if you’re looking to save money and find the most affordable way to move out of state, we’ve got you covered—try one of these ten tips!

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  1. Start Decluttering

If you want to lower your costs of moving out of state, it’s time to clean out the junk! If you look around, there is probably a lot you could get rid of—items with missing parts, old VHS tapes that you don’t have a VCR for, broken furniture, or things you never use.

In addition, you can keep your moving costs low by selling large items like treadmills or other exercise equipment. Large items are expensive to sell! Instead, consider selling large and heavy items and buy them back used in your new location to save on some moving expenses.

  1. Ask for a Relocation Package

Are you moving out of state for your job? Whether it’s your current job or a new one, you might be able to recoup some or all of your moving expenses if you can get a relocation package! So talk to your employer about covering your moving costs.

Many employers will pay these costs if you are an expert in your industry; it never hurts to ask!

  1. Move During the Off-Season

If you want to fly somewhere for a vacation, you choose times when others aren’t vacationing to save money—the same principle applies to moving out of state. If you can move during the off-season and schedule it around popular travel times (school days, winter weather, etc.), you can save a lot! Either way, avoid traveling out of state during holidays or weekends.

This tip is especially great if you plan on renting supplies to move with; the expenses won’t be as high when fewer people are renting!

  1. Haul Your Own Items
A person driving a truck with their belongings to their new home

If you don’t have too much to move, you could rent a cargo trailer and haul it yourself! This option is excellent if you have an SUV or truck that can haul a trailer.

However, if you need more space or don’t have a towing-capable vehicle, you could also rent a moving truck. Renting one to move out of state isn’t cheap, but it’s much more affordable than hiring a moving company. And with the right moving truck, you can even tow your vehicle along with your items, meaning you only pay for gas for the truck.

Skipping the moving company does come with some downsides—loading and unloading everything is on you, driving and maneuvering a large truck may be uncomfortable, and everything probably won’t be perfect. However, it’s a great experience that you and your family might look back on and get years of enjoyment!

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  1. Rent a Shipping Container

Another option for moving out of state is by renting a shipping container. A company like PODS will drop off the container at your home, giving you time to load it. Then, they return to haul it away to your new location. Easy peasy!

How much you pay depends on how far the move is, but shipping containers are often cheaper than renting a truck or hiring professional movers. However, it’s not always more affordable—we recommend getting quotes for different options before choosing the best way to move your household.

  1. Avoid Overpaying for Insurance

No matter how you plan to move your items out of state, you’ll get offered moving insurance over and over—from protecting your items from damage and theft to ensuring you don’t have to pay for damaged rental equipment, insurance is pricey.

Before buying any moving insurance, check your home and auto policies; one of them may cover these moving risks, saving you a significant amount on insurance costs!

  1. Look for Free Packing Supplies

Don’t pay for moving boxes! Instead, ask your local stores—they almost always have extra boxes that you can take for free.

In addition, while we all love bubble wrap, you can probably do without it. You can pack fragile items with newspaper, pillows, blankets, towels, clothing, etc., they all have to move anyway! And you can also skip the fancy label maker in favor of a Sharpie or black permanent marker.

  1. Ask for Help

You’ve probably had friends or family ask you to help them move before; it’s time to ask for their help in return! It’s a great way to get more time with them before you move out of state, and all it takes is offering to provide some snacks or a meal.

While many of your friends will help you pack and load your stuff, some of them may even help you get your items to your new home and unpack—don’t forget to return the favor.

  1. Give Public Transportation a Shot

If you don’t own a vehicle and don’t have much to move, you can sell your large and heavy items like we mentioned above and take a bus or train with your remaining stuff. You can take more than you would think!

For example, buses like Greyhound will take luggage up to 175 lbs, and options like Amtrak will take even more!

  1. Avoid Paying Interest
Two people high-fiving after their successful out-of-state move

The best way to save on moving out of state is to pay for everything with cash and avoid wasting money on interest. We know swiping your credit card is easy, but the last thing you want when moving is to pile up more debt! Higher credit card payments aren’t a great way to start off your fresh start.

Instead, create a moving budget to plan every detail. Plus, if you can find ways to save before moving, you can reach your goal of getting out of state faster. So start looking for ways to cut down your monthly expenses before it’s time to move.

Now that you’ve saved on moving out of state, see how we can help you save on your new home, no matter where life takes you!

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