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As a mortgage broker and direct lender, Mr. Hernandez offers his clientele a wide array of mortgage products that allows him to specifically tailor mortgage plans for each individual and offer the most competitive interest rates in the industry. Mr. Hernandez’s education in finance combined with his knowledge and expertise in mortgage products, translates into a high quality of service and advising.

In today’s market, the importance of fast service and consistent communication has become one of the most critical components of a residential real estate transaction. As a mortgage associate to the realtors he assists, Mr. Hernandez successfully and efficiently closes multiple transactions every month with full communication each step of the way.

  • "I have been a client for over 5 years. Between my personal and business financial needs, Mares Mortgage and Christian Hernandez, in particular, have been a godsend. Professionalism and honesty are their hallmarks. This is why I refer all my family and friends to Christian."

    Andrew D. Tustin, CA
  • "Mid Dec. 2014, I joined the race to Refi. By mid Jan. 2015 the termite inspector found termites eating my Loma Vista home. Dismayed, I posted a call for help on the NextDoor website.

    Christian Hernandez not only answered my call for a General Contractor but also answered my non-verbal call for a next door neighbor.

    As we talked and our mutual interests clicked, all my frustrations with my Refi efforts became clear. Christian introduced me to Mares Mortgage and solved my Refi problems!

    Christian Hernandez represents more than Mares Mortgage. He becomes the friend everyone wants on their side.

    Firing a frustrating Lender is not easy and is certainly not a pleasant undertaking. Christian fixed the Refi experience for me and dropped my interest rate by ¾%. That's right: From 4.125% to 3.375%"

    Thank you, Christian. ... "I love you man!" ...

    Paul K. - San Juan Capistrano, CA

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