December 2019 - Mares Mortgage

What are the different types of Mortgages?

Marshal and Lily have been married for 2 years now and are planning their family. But prior to that, they want to move out of their rented two-bedroom apartment in downtown Manhattan to a house in Westchester County, where they can find more space and better amenities. After searching for a while, they zeroed down […]

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How to rent out your house and buy another

Jack and Judy purchased their first house before the birth of their first son. Over the years, they have settled the mortgage loan for this 2-bedroom apartment and while their second child is on its way, they are planning to move to a more spacious home.  Since the market is not doing well, the property […]

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How to Get Out of a Mortgage

When it comes to securing a loan for a home, a joint mortgage is often the right decision. A joint mortgage is when two people are listed as borrowers for a loan. When it comes to applying for a large amount, a joint mortgage makes the process easier; the combined incomes and additional assets create […]

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