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Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First House

Adulthood comes quickly, and with it comes many unexpected responsibilities. These responsibilities include shopping for groceries, washing the laundry… and dishes, considering the possibilities of roommates or a spouse, or even raising the much shorter roommates, aka kids.  One of the ideas that come with adulthood is owning your own home. Buying a house is […]

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Should You Consider Mortgage Protection Insurance?

If you are a current homeowner, chances are you have heard about mortgage protection insurance, and it could be a wise investment to protect your property from foreclosure. But before you decide on whether to get mortgage protection or not, get informed.  You may want to ask yourself a few questions: Do I have a […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing an Investment Property

Refinancing has made its way into the headlines recently for the ridiculously low-interest rates that can be seen since the COVID-19 crisis began. Property owners everywhere are interested in refinancing, and they want answers. Key points:   Why, when, and where to refinance   Investment property vs. primary residence refinance How to refinance an investment […]

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