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Trusted by Over 10,000 Clients

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  1. First-Time Home Buyer Loan Requirements: 2022 Update

    Thinking about buying your first home but are worried you won’t qualify? You may be surprised to learn that 33% of all home buyers are first-time buyers. So you’re not alone. But buying a home can be very intimidating. In this article,… Read More

  2. Couple recently sold their home

    How To Sell And Buy A Home At The Same Time

    There’s no way around it—moving is stressful. No matter why you plan to sell your house and buy a new one, the experience can be frustrating. We’ll help take away some of those frustrations with our complete guide covering how… Read More

  3. A real estate agent handing over the keys to a new homeowner

    How To Buy A House With Bad Credit

    Can you buy a house with bad credit? Yes! Every day first-time homebuyers with bad credit scores get approved for a home loan. While a lower score will affect your down payment amount, mortgage rate, fees, etc., it doesn’t mean… Read More