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  1. A Step by Step Guide To The Mortgage Process

    You’ve been waiting for this moment for your entire life; it’s finally time to buy a home. You’ve saved up your money and know the location you want to live in, so it’s time to take those next steps. However,… Read More

  2. How To Get Rid Of a Mortgage Insurance in 2021?

    Along with your monthly mortgage payments, you’ll also have private mortgage insurance, an additional cost that can create financial stress. It’s part of the reason why most homeowners default on their payments. However, there are a few ways to get… Read More

  3. What Exactly Is An Underwater Mortgage?

    What Exactly Is An Underwater Mortgage?

    Purchasing your first home feels like a dream come true. You’ve worked hard to establish the financial security that allows you to go out and secure a mortgage.  After a tedious process, you’ve finally been approved for a loan and… Read More